Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I could not sleep and terror is from both sides.

I have been dreaming and more like night mares.These have left me twisting and turning.
Oh I watched Pakistan Military kill six Unarmed men in a back field .It seemed most brutal killing i had seen .It was done in name of islam and state of Pakistan.It is impossible for me to differentiate between killings of Taliban and the state in this case .It is brutal .It is demoralising.One loses the faith in the human dignity and state in crisis.

Taliban has used summary killing so has the pakistan military and police.It serves the purpose of demoralising the public .Public hanging of suspects is a tool used in pakistan by public as well as the insugents.

These practice of public humiliation and corporal punishment is not compatible with 21 st century mindset.For the world to see it and do nothing is like sactioning it .If my government wont do anything about it i will protest against it.
In unity with people of pakistan and the humanity in all of us i protest so this atrocity by the government and will work to stop it.

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