Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hispanics have longer life expectancy overturning the assuption .

Elizabeth Arias of the National Center for Health Statistics, speculated that the longer life expectancy might have to do with cultural factors, including close social and family networks and low rates of smoking.

“One hypothesis,” Dr. Arias said, “is that these serve as protective factors that mitigate the negative effects of poverty or underemployment or lack of health care.”

This is a unique finding as it is mostly believed that life expectancy depends on (other than genetic factors) education,income, availability of health care ,moderate weight and diebities control.

All the above factors are lacking in the hispanic community in United states.So we should study if these other factors help other communities with closer family ties and conectedness with the larger community.

Question is can the community at large benefit from the traites of the Hispanic and bring logivity at lower cost for the larger society.

I guess this study raises more questions than answers and we are better for it.

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