Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ground Breaking at the vedanta center and Imam read the our lords prayer.

Jealous god and his followers do not want to let any body who does not follow their form of Islam use Kalima .

Today i attended a Ground breaking ceremony for Vedanta Center.It is for the extension of the building . A building next to it will be demolished and a new building will be erected and joined with the existing building.
It was a fun ground breaking ceremony.
People(preachers) of many different faiths came to bless the occasion.It was very nice service.A rabbi,priest(old one at that)Universalist minister,Browns chaplain,A white young Muslim preacher,Hindu monk,Leader of the indic studies center,ecumenical new world teacher,Multi faith woman prayer organiser.
Their prayers were full of respect for the swami and the Vedanta society.
I feel Swami might have not succeeded as much in curing the worldly ills but had succeeded in creating a brotherhood of faith people.

For this prayer even the god was kind and Kalima was welcome.I am glad jealous gods stayed home.

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