Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monolog,Prayers of agnostic

She said
Why don't you write the story of bumbling dreamer who even challenged the gods and did what ever seemed humanly impossible to do only plausible and that also while challenging the Gods.
No wonder Gods did not help. They were mocking him as he was mocking them .He thought that he was equal to them and they were bent on proving he was wrong .
In his challenge to the gods he said I know i am mortal and i defy you .

Gods have problem they could kill him and that even would give him satisfaction that gods could not defy him and in spite of all their powers may be because of its limitations could not keep him alive and that was his revenge on gods and he died making fun of them .Gods were not happy as they saw their defeat in it.
Oh this was an ordinary extraordinary story of a stubborn caricature of a man.

She reminded him how he prayed for well being of the family for hundreds of days alone and with her what was he doing praying to Gods of many hues and descriptions if he did not believe in them.

How he could tell her like gods he was not omnipotent and when he said his prayers in the languages he did not understand and beseeches the gods on behalf of his dear one's he felt that he was doing the only thing he was capable of doing and besides it took away anxiety in his soul.May be prayer is the elixir for lost souls .whisky and wine gave some the peace others could get lost in the worship of the deity and could get high and loose all pain .Is it newer or older intoxicant of the gullible . He was gullible when he was at his wits end .He did not understand why he prayed but he did.Even holy men and others of religious traditions looked at him as man of god and high spirit though he told all that his belief in deity was very subjective. THEY DID NOT BELIEVE.

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