Friday, October 8, 2010

I blogged when Mr Liu Xiaobo was sent to Jail .Now congratulations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

December 23 2009 i had blogged about Liu Xiaobo activist who was sent to jail .i had also written about militaristic intentions of mercatile China.China's state capitalism is eating lunch of 2 cent capitalists ( with 3 trillion cash reserves) with the ability to manipulate the markets.

They have clumsily tried to manipulate the markets including commodities.I am afraid they will be able to refine their processes unless we remain vigilant.

It will be challenge to deal with economic imbalances created by this scenario. Inability of the american and so called free market system to deliver public good is a challenge it has to meet or perish as a system.

Are we on the path of proving Karl Marx right that capitalist will sell you the rope to hang him with it( i am just paraphrasing).

Nobel peace prize to Peace activist(Liu Xiaobo) is a great symbolic action by the Nobel committee.It is no answer to mercantile manipuation coming in the future.

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