Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mario Vargas LLosa and "the notebooks of Don Rigoberto"

In the novel The notebooks of Don Rigoberto Mr Llosa touches the strangest of the strange topics.The topics are related to Ounches and castrato and penal implants.His character seems to be fascinated and excited by the sound of women urinating.He talks about the smell of a widow .He defines this smell as unique to a widow who was still in love with her ex husband.According to LLosa she emits a unique smell which he is trying to capture in the story.He feels it has not been done in literature or art any time in the history.He fails to convey the smell though the concept of it might have been resurrected by this novel.

It still seems strange that a Nobel laureate talks about such coarse a subject. Again i am not convinced why he received the Nobel prize in literature.

Mr Llosa makes another remark on nonagenarian Mr Rarji Desai( actually Morarji )who drank his own pee for health reasons .His remark is very interesting.He says it would have been better in scheme of his story if Rarji drank pee of his wife.

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