Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I had never heard the name of MR Llosa .May be because he is a writer of Spanish language.So he got the lime light ,money and bully Pulpit.Good luck to Mr Llosa and the promotion of literature in the world .It help us understand the literature of south America better .Mr Llosa is essentially a Peruvian writer if you go by the nation of birth of the author.

I started reading his works and have read two of them
Bad girl
In praise of the step mother(Elogio de la madrasra)

They both are caricatures of two women .
Second one seems like a story based on paintings in the museums in different places in Europe.Are they the commentary on the art of the realism period not the puritanical period of today.
Is nudity and riskay behaviour of old coming back in vogue.Does the female nudity make the clothed beauty more interesting to today man.It would be interesting if Nobel committee had given the prize to a woman who was writing about explicit sex.We would have been informed about female fantasy by female perspective.I do not find from these two books that Mr llosa is deserving of Nobel prize .I would like better prepared authors to tell me why he was given this prize .It would be nice if one of the voters on Nobel committee wrote about id.
I will read more of his books to understand why he got the prize.
I am still wondering why Obama was awarded the peace prize last year.

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