Thursday, November 18, 2010

China is damming Brahamputra.It admits after denying for many years.

China is damming Brahamputra one of the historical rivers of the gagantic plain.They have denied for years that they are doing so.Now they admit to do so.Water and glacial water and its management and use have been the reason for the ability of the people of gangantic plane provide sustenance for centuries.With modern technology we can benefit and harness the resources much much better.

In current environment and militaristic attitude and bluster make all the moves by Peking(Beijing) suspect.The way they have treated minorities showes that in Chinese mindset it is strong or nothing.It is win loose mindset.They are forgetting that in twenty first century eye for an Eye still leave all blind.

Economic Success and savings of the Chinese public have made them proud,confident and belligerent neighbor and partner.Power and strength must make one humble.Which has not been the mode of the communist party and national leadership of the China in 2010.

They have become outstanding mercantile power.This is the fist time in History when great masses are being educated .In case of China all the financial Power is still concentrated in the hands of the party.People are saving as they are not sure that they would be taken care of when need be.

By controlling the services and even medical care it has created privileged class and rest of them .By dangling education and other benefits to individuals it has been able to control the masses.

China has lot of resources and land mass ,oceans and other natural resources and billion plus people.It does not need to push its rights against poorer people of the region.It is In the hands of China to set the Political tone of relations with Japan,India,Korea,Vietnam, and others.If these relations become tense it will leave the region in Militaristic competition and upmanship.

China's playing with Nuclear arms game upmanship has made the world unsafe in the short run for sure.All the belligerent powers in nuclear field (PAKISTAN.IRAN,NORTH KOREA)has one power to thank that is China.Pakistan's Nuclear scientist A Q KHAN has as much admitted to having received bomb in a kit form from Chinese.He shared the nuclear enrichment technology with the Chinese and shared the clandestine network with them.
China has abused its power as the Nuclear supplier group member and permanent membership in the UN Security council to stalemate its adversaries like united states of America,South Korea ,and India.It has even made agreements with Pakistan to supply Nuclear power plants for which India and USA went through the hoops to achieve the same.

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