Thursday, November 18, 2010

Asia Bibi sentenced to hang for blasphemy in Ittanwalia in Pakistan

Pope has shown his solidarity with Asia Bibi and has asked Pakistani authorities to save her Life.

This is a sad story a poor christian village women was charged with blasphemy in Pakistan.Whole thing started very innocently when one of her bosses asked her to fetch water some other laborers complained that she could not touch water bowl for the fear of polluting it as she was not Muslim .When she obeyed her boss, a complain was filed against her for blasphemy and she was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging.

Pakistan an ally has draconian laws in religiosity many people have been killed for blasphemy .Even Muslims who are Shia or Ahmadi have been victims of these laws.It is about time that Pakistan provide religious freedom to its citizens and protection to minority religions.More places of worship ,places of reverence for centuries have been destroyed in Pakistan than in any country including China.( at least in recent years).

Christians and Hindus many times are the one's who at the time of partition (1947) were too poor and had no hope to improve their lot and believed that they would be able to maintain their live in the place they were and stayed in the places .After independence in Pakistan they have suffered and no opportunities have been provided to eliminate their poverty.

Blasphemy laws and laws that declared Ahmadi Muslims as non Muslims have played havoc with these lives.Many of the Ahmadi's had actually moved from India at the time of partition and their leader had helped finance Mohd Jinnah trip back from England.

Last year Ahmadi Mosques(they can not call them mosques anymore,they have to call them prayer houses)was attacked in Lahore and eighty worshippers died and nobody had been prosecuted for that so far.The plight of Ahmadi,s is truly deplorable.

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