Thursday, November 18, 2010

Llosa " War of theend of the world "continues.I am becoming admirer.

War of the end of the world continues I am at 410 pages it is war where people with differing agendas ase fighting.

He makes it an important book by writing it as if it was war of the civilizations and the believers and all against them.It is clear from the story that both sides are hurting and hurting each other and many times give the same reasons to do so .They complain about the brutality of the savages and then slit throats of the captives and when they are dead they cut decapitate their heads ,gouge eyes ,cut out tongues and private parts and in case of women breast and put them in the mouth of the victim.

The scenes are descriptive and tedious like I assume war was.I have not studied the history to make any comments on the facts of the story .Message is clear .

It is giving me some ideas while I am writing the "Khuda Baksh".Which is stranger than any wars in history.A ruler is partitioning a large continent size nation and giving independence after 200 year rule and washing hands from it the day they give independence.They do not even tell people where the dividing line will be till after the independence.Rulers send their forces in large number back to their home fearing reprisals by the natives.

It was so arbitrary that the person given the job of deciding the line of partition had never visited the land till this task was given and had only census to go by and geographical maps .He did not consult any local or other learned people either.
The partition was made while Pakistan was being created for Muslims on basis of population while India remained a country of Hindu's and Muslims alike.I wonder how anybody in good conscience could decide such a division in good conscience .Then British at that time had no conscience only waning power and arrogance.

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