Friday, November 19, 2010

A mock interview with Roosevelt By Edmund Morris

NYT OCTOBER 28, 2008

then the better the oratory the greater the damage to the public it deceives.

It always pays for a nation to be a gentleman.

about Sarah Palin in the interview

to try to combine the unready hand with the unbridled tongue.

Q. How will you feel if Sarah Palin is elected?

A. I shall feel exactly the way a very small frog looks when it swallows a beetle the size of itself, with extremely stiff legs

Q. What’s your impression of President Bush these days?

A. (suddenly serious) He looks like Judas, but unlike that gentleman has no capacity for remorse.

Q. Is that the best you can say of him?

A. I wish him well, but I wish him well at a good distance from me


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