Saturday, November 20, 2010

Letters of Saul Bellow,NYT

An excerpt from the review by Leon Wieseltier one of the people Bellows corresponded with.

Sadly i have only read "Ravelstein" by Bellow and may not the best of his works .

and “the name of the game is Give All.” He never loses his constancy of purpose. In the penultimate letter in this volume, in the winter of 2002, he sums himself up for a distant relative in a casual Abschied: “Actually, I’ve never stopped looking for the real thing; and often I find the real thing. To fall into despair is just a high-class way of turning into a dope. I choose to laugh, and laugh at myself no less than at others.” And then, on the next page, the final page, as if to verify his visionary relation to the real, the sandals

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