Thursday, November 11, 2010

Llosa "end of war " starts as War and Peace.

Llosa's novel "War end of " is descriptive and in detail like the War and peace with the characters similar and different because of the land they occupy.

Tolstoy had over hundred characters in war and peace.It is considered one of the longest novels The one i read in paperback years ago had around 1500 pages.Llosa's end of war is shorter in size and may be even in scope as my memory of war and peace is faded.At only 568 pages having read only 182 pages,I am aware of similarity of plot and not the details. I am trying to discover the qualities which entitles Mr Llosa to Nobel Prize in literature for 2010.After reading several of his books (also in translation as i do not read Russian/french or Spanish ,the languages of the authors.I find him as intriguing and author and times shocking in expressing the human condition .

My initial observations tell me that Llosa does not need to be Equal to Tolstoy and by setting the size of his novel to one third of the War and Peace he for sure has made it unnecessary to be compared .Then part of the title "war to end" is again By using war in the title by proxy he has suggested that we compare him to the Russian grand master.

Participation Freemasons is common in Tolsoy and Llosa's plots.Is it just coincidence.

War and Peace is cosidered by many as most influential novel of all times and it was one of the books in Mahatma Gandhi's collection.

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