Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Michelle obama. in India

Who did Michele Obama See at dinner at Mr Singhs residence.Here i am using the term as prime ministers official residence is not really his house in the typical sense as the house has some sense of permanence at least in India.People have owned same piece of Terra at times for centuries and like Texas at times they have changed the rulers of the land yet the occupants have remained the same.

Michelle Obama"s paternal great great grand father Mr Jim Robinson was a slave in south Carolina.Her maternal great-great-great grandmother, Melvinia Shields, also a slave, became pregnant by a white man. His name and the nature of their union have been lost.

Her husband and father of her children is 44th president of USA.Bi racial son of a white mid western white American mother and anti colonialist Muslim father who was born in Kenya and studied in America.His mother married his step dad who was from Indonesia and lived four years in Indonesia.

This couple is on the height of achievement and can be hero's to any young and old.Them representing USA in India is itself a great success story of human achievement.

In US administration their are many very capable women and now it seems in India also their are woman who are there because of their merit and leadership and chutzpah.

India's ambassador to United states is a woman.Foreign secretary(administrative post from the cadre) is woman.India's president a woman Elected by elected leaders. Speaker of the house(Lok Sabha) is woman and Dalit.Opposition leader is woman.Leader of the ruling party is woman of Italian parentage who was once married to prime minister of India.India's railway minister (largest portfolio) is very powerful woman.we have women chief ministers and other power brokers.

In medical schools half the graduates are women.

India's prime Minister was born in British India in a village now in Pakistan which he had to leave at partition and is Sikh.People of his ancestral village relish connection to him even when now they are on the other side of the border.

India's defense minister is Anthony an christian and vice president a Muslim Mr Ansari.One of the leaders they met was elected Chief Minister of Kashmir Son of British woman and married to Hindu from the Muslim majority state of Kashmir.

The person in charge of unique Identification project is an entrepreneur Nandakani who built a large international company before under taking this project for the government.They said it could not be done .So far it seems to be moving along well.It is meeting all the benchmarks so far and it appears that they will deliver in 2014 as promised. These were boys from middle class who feel that they should contribute to India.Again i wonder where is the spirit for service .Oh it is alive in america as well. Nobel laureates serve in Obama administration.Bill gates and other enhance our prestige in the world when American government seems not to be able to deliver much.

Mr Obama is among the few world leaders who can be very comfortable in multi ethnic multi religious India,by shear experiences of his birth and childhood and nationality.

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