Sunday, November 7, 2010

LLosa and "the war of the end of the World"

LLosa and "the war of the end of the world" originally published as "Guerra del fin del Mundo" the war to finish the world.
Blurb on the jacket compares it without hyperbole to War and Peace.Either it is the words of a smitten admirer or possibly LLosa is so good.
It is hard to say.After reading the novel 568 pages of it i might be able to give my opinion on this work.For sure Llosa getting the Nobel prize for literature for 2010 makes him a candidate to be compared with Tolstoy the Russian master.

My memories of war and peace are also mixed .I don't remember much now .I vaguely remember the life of Shakespearean characters and life of the historical times Tolstoy had written in .It is easy to forget Tolstoy and Gandhi and others were living beings who traveled ,communicated and sometimes even collaborated. Gandhi had published a letter By Tolstoy in circulation criticizing the British for the treatment of the Indians.

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