Sunday, November 7, 2010

Obama in India 11/7/10

Obama is doing everything the great symbolism requires of an American president in developing great relations with largest democracy India.He is in the land of His Hero Gandhi and he makes a connection with other icon King in this land.

In delivery he will fall short of what George W Bush was able to do for India a full partnership in the nuclear energy club.With in ten years India will have enough electricity and increased demand for power.That itself will double the production of factories and people in the nation. Shortage of power because of lack of technology has kept India's progress in check now it is more likely to open up that field.

Now for Obama the question is what he could have done which would have made the relationship of the two countries at a level where it would make a difference in the life of ordinary Indians.Water and sewage are two fields where America with great experience and technology can help India to a great degree.
Interest free loans for ten years of ten Billion Dollars to be executed in next three years would have provided water and sewage to masses and development opportunities to both economies. With delivery of these services general health of the poor would improve and net benefit to several hundred million would be immense in economic and human terms.

Nixon is known in the History of China USA relations as a crtical Contributor for the development of China and trade relations with United States.History will look at W Bush as the personality of similar importance in regards to relations with India.In energy starved India bringing India in the maine stream of nuclear producers will give it what it needed.A republican president was able to wipe unjust policies of many administrations and bring democratic and largest democracy in the world from a regime of isolation to a regime of goodwill and friendship.

In this round of Indo US talks i do not think any major landmark deals would be made but the progress will be made in direction of more co-operation and low key negotiations with better understanding for each others positions.I wish Mr Obama had to offer some grand plan for India's poor.US could also plan to use Indias large human pool to solve world problems at more cost effective way than we acan do with our own man power.

Thanks to Mr Obama for keeping the tone of visit upbeat.I understand his arrival and all other public events are being covered in the media with importance they deserve. This should provide a rest to Obama's from election dregery.

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