Monday, December 6, 2010

Mario Vargas Llosa "THE STORYTELLER"

Storyteller "The Hablador". It is an interesting story of a story teller .In the complex structure native society of the ancient place .The story teller is pictured on the cover in a painting on the cover.He is a Jewish friend Saul Zurasta. Portrayed in a painting by Gabriele Malfatti's Machiguenga dispalyed in Florence Italy where LLosa is visiting.
The story has some interesting twists .One of the Characters in a story is Son of Gods and says I(Tasurinchi), my father Tasurinchi(god) and I the breath of tasurinchi are the same. Proclaiming unified theory of father son and holy spirit in native terms .He empowers this deity with ability to multiply fishes and Casava.
LLosa goes even further and hangs and bleeds him on the Cross of two trees.
He creates a strong metaphor.This parralel Story makes it vey interesting read.

Still I am many times confused by the narration.Narrator and participants are intermingled.May be it is not possible to narrate well in second or third person .I find this problem in many of LLosa's novels.

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