Monday, December 6, 2010

Wiki Leaks What it is ?

Wiki Leaks is a publisher (on line).As any publisher it has the first amendment protections entitled to any publication.Huffington post is another powerful on line publisher.All the publishing houses are envious of what it has been able to do in order to promote transparency in government and larger institutions.

What they have done that is publish leaked information to public is what NY TIMES and other organizations do every day and NY Times did it in seventies by leaking pentagon papers .Whole media was defending them .Suddenly now media is playing the game of let us see how it plays out.They are parsing the arguments of morality and security to play both sides of the first amendment.

The people providing the information can be prosecuted for violating their oath of service to the government.Fonder and organization Wiki Leaks should be protected from abuse by the powers they may be.Their websites have been hacked and servers compromised and they have been forced to change server's under duress at last Minuit.If NY TIMES was forced through such shenanigans whole media would be under arms and i do not hear even token complains of high handedness and Cyber wars against Wiki Leaks by us allies and adversaries alike.

Wiki Leaks is a publisher of documents which are kept secret by Governments and organization to keep the public in dark.

To its credit Wiki Leaks has not released all this documents willy nilly.They realised such actions may do more harm.They solicited larger news organizations from competing quarters to vet them.This process has reduced the harm to public good from unintended consequences.Hats Off to this diligence on their part.

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