Monday, December 13, 2010

a note to my daughter on her visit to India.

India birthplace of her father and all his ancestors is an old civilization.

India is birth place for four major religions.Hinduism,Budhism,Sikhism,Jainism.India has largest population of muslims in a non Muslim country.Judaism,Christianity and Zoroastrians and Baha'i have flourished in India .It is multi cultural,multi ethnic and multi linguist country with Hindu majority.Sikh is the prime minister and a catholic woman born in Italy is the leader of ruling party.Woman president,speaker of parliament,chief foreign secretary.Has woman ambassador to most important diplomatic post ambassador to USA.

In India and USA we speak English as we both are former British colonies.

India and China are most populous countries in the world wit populations around 1.2 billion.

India is emerging economic power.With English as language,democracy as the politics and tradition of strong family ties is gearing towards improving its standard of living and join the world community to tackle problems.

Traditionally USA has been India's largest trading partner but in last two years China and UAE have become largest traders with India .Lot of India's exports to china have been raw materials and have been importing Chinese trinkets and other manufactured goods.

As American we have to make sure that we improve on the trade with India and remain .Number one trading partner of this vital nation.We need to have more trade when trade is expanding.
There is hunger for US know how and need for Infrastructure development their.In the new economic order we can not sell high labor cost goods to Poor countries .But we all can benefit by being part of development by investing capital and technology in India and even creating products and services at lower cost for the rest of the world.
It will be important that balance of trade among nations be at parity.For that reason alone we can not continue to import finished goods from China at the level we have been doing as it seems we will never be able to sell and compete with lower cost of Chinese products.
Our solutions is sell technology and infrastructure to India and develop its capacity .This can be done in a way that trade will be in balance.
We should remove export barriers in technologies to India and develop a business partnership which expands to security partnership.
India and US both can not afford to spend unreasonable resources on defense and by co-operating these two largest of democracies can reduce defense cost and solve security problems in the world.We will also have to use our economic tools as part of our diplomacy otherwise we will find ourselves at disadvantage against China and others.
Chandigarh ,
it is the first totally designed city on The foothills of Himalaya.It is capital of two states Punjab and Haryana.only 130 mile from Delhi the capital of India.
Chandigarh is the first city in India to be smoke free.There is a fine for smoking in public.In Sikh religion it is forbidden to smoke.I do not know the reasoning.
City was built as Capital of Punjab after partition of India.There was temple to Goddess Chandi so the name fort of Chandi(translation of Chandigarh).Chandigarh has highest per capita income of about 3000 dollars per person.
Chandigarh has one of the highest real estate prices .Some residential lots of 500 square meters have sold for million US dollars.
It is university town with a large number premium colleges and institutes of learning.
Being capital of two states and large number of universities and colleges and high court ,it is the intellectual capital for four states and important military post for support of northern frontier posts.
It is 150 mile from New Delhi.

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