Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dr Naushad Vaiyani charged with Blasphemy for throwing the calling card of Mohd Faizan.

Karachi. A doctor charged with blasphemy.It is a unique case bordering on being unbelievable.

Naushad Valiyani was detained on Friday following a complaint by a medical representative who visited the doctor in the city of Hyderabad.

“The arrest was made after the complainant told the police that Valiyani threw his business card, which had his full name, Muhammad Faizan, in a dustbin during a visit to his clinic,” regional police chief Mushtaq Shah told AFP

Sadly this comes from the practitioners of islam who ahve destroyed Banyan Budha's which were older than Mohamed.
Mr Valiyani is an Ismaily , even after the complainant was satisfied that he did not blasphem Mohd. Others including clerics draged him and took him to police station and he was charged under pakistan's Blasphemy laws .
In Pakistan they do not care if you are Muslim or not as Ismailies are Muslim but of a minority sect.
Many mosques of minority muslims have been burned with worshippers in them .Sad situation.

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