Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cheap machine made Chinese saris is ending the glory of Banarasi sari.

It is shame all the crafts are disappearing in the countryside of India .The crafts which were one of the reason for the Europeans to come to India is being challenged by new mercantile power china.It is no different than what Gandhi fought against.Sarvodya and Khadi are the pillars of self reliance or we will end up as a nation of computer call center labor without the base for manufacturing and agriculture.

We should learn from China and America and find a hybrid Indian solution for it.The ancient arts and crafts should be encouraged and new technologies should be developed to compete in today's connected world.India can be manufacturing hub with its English language and cheap and highly dexterous labor pool.It only takes Will and a national agenda.

Many in west and America want to help the democratic argumentative Indians bring up their standard of living.It is in the interest of the human race and demographics are governing it.

PS. It is important also for the wellbeing of Muslim population of Banaras many of who are weavers in the sari trade for generations.Many of India's craftsman are dalit and minority faiths.Protection of Sari trade may be step in Affirmative action.

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