Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Questions for interview for Chacha Ji.

1.How old were you at the partition of India
2.where were you at the time of partition
3.where were you born
4 what was your life as a child.
5. did people have cars ,motorcycles ,cycles, horses,tongas(horse carts)
6.How many brothers and sisters you had .Names of your brothers ,sisters,parents ,uncles and aunts(maternal and paternal )their names and towns they lived in .
7.Did you travel as a child and mode of transportation.Buses trains.
8.Your ancesstoral village Jadla and in pakistan Kanjrur.Have you ever visited that.
9> where your grand mother was from. do you know of any other ancesstors and their stories.
10.where did you go to school who were your classmates were muslims part of your school.relation with christians and britishers .
11.who did you respect and admire as child.
12.What was role of music in your home.Did the street singers come and play music for you.
13 What instruments were popular.what were the books you read ,role of libraries in your life.Did you have books. The first book you bought for fun.
14.You relationship with Baba.and ma.
15 did you attend their wedding can you tell something about that .
16 How partitioned changed the life of the family .Who were your best friends and tell something about the separation.
17Can you tell anything about dad and his childhood .
18. Your views on partition.
19.your views about america,India,
20 views about life in general.
21 Your advice for 21 year old american girl(woman) with Portugues and Indian heritage.

Thank you

Can also interview Chachi ji
also ask her .
role of women .How he feels as mother in law of 4 women .
what she can advise a 21 year old American girl.

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