Friday, January 7, 2011

Erotica in Pakistan.NYT risque writing

Erotica used be part of underground literature in Pakistan till Zia made it illegal and un Islamic
One Author and publisher of erotica talks about escapes of a lesbian high powered woman who seduced poor young Girls.She took advantage of poverty and other taboos like alcohol consumption.Now it is coming back sort of in translated form in English writing.
I wonder If Mario Vargas LLosa could have survived in Pakistan.With his nudity and explicit language,he would have been banished to some back ward prison in backward regions of the place.One of the authors of Urdu erotica laments.

“I’m a machine, not a writer,” he said, looking down. “Unfortunately I’m an Urdu writer. If I wrote in English, I’d be a lord by now.

“Whatever has happened to this country has also happened to me. The country has become too expensive. Poets are not being born. Thinkers are not being born. If I write Sabiho Bano’s story again, she will kill the landlords for completely destroying the country. Or maybe she could have a daughter now. But she could never have a daughter.”

These political frustrations came across in Bano’s tantalizing woman hunts, including the bus journey:

“Now, when a 14-year-old girl reminds you of overripe fruit you know society has failed in its basic civic duties. Puberty before its time has its causes in specific societal evils, but if I start lecturing you on the flaws of our society, I’ll never get round to my own story.”
To date, Mr. Iqbal has written 150 novels and more than 300 short stories, mostly suspense and detective novels. But he cannot publish what he wants to, and feels more like a robotic tradesman than a creative spirit.

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