Sunday, January 23, 2011

Farid Zachharia and Kissinger the appologist

Henry Kissinger has been ,that is right has been at the center of power.National security adviser and then secretary of state of USA. That is a great achievement for German Jew who had lived through the Nazi Period.

He has his views and at times they are not sympathetic to the common man ,every thing he sees is in east west conflict terms.He along with Nixon opened the way to China and brought China in the American camp.this has been a great success for China They with the single party communism and a anti religion policy have brought in state capitalism.In this system they as the communist party has accumulated all the power including economic power. With the help of more free and capitalistic Hong Kong they have maneuvered and improved international trade where they are the factory of the world and is largest trading partner with the largest countries.This trade is substantially subsidised by trade surplus with United States of America.

Kissinger was apologist for the Chinese.i wonder how large a clients they are of Kissinger and vice versa.It is sad that we can not always trust the motives of our former officials .Today it seems that in America everything is for sale.We call it consulting, or lobbying when it is done honestly.

Kissinger was saying that we should be sympathetic to Chinese way of thinking.They should be aware that they do not make us mad as we are still source of their wealth and have much stronger alliances with the other international players.

America has very strong Cards .It is time that all Pundits realise that.America has six times larger GDP and is one third the population of China.

It is time that Indians are becoming aware that with population closer to China It has one third the GDP of China. It wants and needs to improve its economy for the upcoming young populations of the nation.India's demographics and English language makes it a great candidate for direct interaction with the nation. If India works its cards well it can develop its GDP and end hunger,poverty and development.It is a great laboratory for the world to show that free,pluralistic,multicultural,multi religious and multilingual society can come out of extreme poverty .


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