Saturday, January 22, 2011

Test taking the best way to learning

We spend a lot of time learning and then take tests to evaluate the learning .It is a good method if all have equal capacities to reproduce learning and take tests.

We can start a new method where we learn and reinforced learning by taking tests .it will train our children to take the test and in the process teach them more and for sure retention will be much higher.

Till grade five you do not need much organised testing .Then the testing can be regular and daily. Tests may be developed which promote learning.Questions and the learning can be sequential where one learns low level and then learns higher level learning .

For higher learning processes need to be developed and all need to learn how to read and retain most of what we learn.We all need to learn a core set of subjects to be an outstanding student.It is agreed that language and a foreign language science, math, algebra,trigonometry,geometry,chemistry,physics,Philosophy,logic and methods of Scientific enquiry have to be learned then only we can be wholesome learners and leaders in learning.Any body lacking in any of the subjects(rudimentary knowledge) will not be able to understand and explain and decide complex relationship of knowledge to human relationship. Plato was correct even two Millennium ago the fundamentals of learning are strong.Yes I would add one more capacity to express in writing,vocal and visual method in the processes of learning.

This is a unique time.Soon we will be able to catalogue video and audio and find it when we need it .It seemed not doable part just a generation ago.All the written words of English are already catalogued. We are coming closer to having other works catalogued also.

Prepare all for core learning and through regular testing let us build a well educated society.

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