Friday, January 21, 2011

Trade as tool for India.

USA is the nation with largest amount of GDP and largest trade in the world.It is USA which has given opportunity to China in spite of its State Capitalism and internal communism without equal rights for all.No religious and freedom of thought. America has thought that more trade will make China more free and responsive to world opinion and more democratic.

With the help of American enterprises China has the largest trade with USA .This trade is in favor of China .Where it is running about 300 billion dollars in Favor of China.China has done well with this trade surplus and has built trade with EU and other American allies and have become largest trading nation with India,Taiwan,Korea and others.

This is good politics for China .In case of India where China is providing lot of manufactured goods it is counter productive for a cheap labor country to buy all the manufactured low value products.One of the reason is that the raw material cost as well as power and other infrastructure costs have handicapped Indian small businesses. Even the Gods are being imported from China made by atheist Chinese Han.The items not officially imported from China are being smuggled in through Nepal,Burma,Bangladesh.

If India wants to be a relevant economic player and want to develop Double GDP in five years it will have to do more trade with USA and other developed nations.In the process the developed nations with their capital can develop India's Infrastructure and education for all where per capita education and income could be raised and may give the benefit of Young and Vibrant India to the all of the aging developed world.

This a short window May be 5 to ten years where India can make the progress and help the world to improve health,education and standard of Living.In this, India with a large number English speaking people has an advantage of ten years against China.In India they can not be lazy because China has Hong Kong and Taiwan which are very developed Communities and are part of the Chinese Sphere of Influence India lacks any such developed relationship.

Our Relationship in the Indian Diaspora in USA,Canada, England,Australia and south Africa can and should be used for development .Such opportunities do not come often and we should not miss them.

It should be made clear to all democratic nations that we want technology transfer in Parity with China a communist country where it is illegal to Teach child Religion of parents till they are 18 years of age.They are raising godless children for over 50 years.In today's China it is feared to be first generation who were godless not by choice after search but by birth where all the training is denial of God as a public Policy.It is a nation where ancient languages and cultures are dying.

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