Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sex and reproduction and genetic effects of lack of sex.

Lack of Sex Among Grapes Tangles a Family Vine

A very interesting article puts lack of sex in a story and as such gets the attention. Sex is a heavy weight three letter world to get attention .It is documented highest price paid for the domaine name of NYT got my attention by using these words even if they cleared that it was only in case of grapes.

If you look at the studies (not a very scientific study by me)there is much larger initial interest in vouerism and not always leading to more sex.In humans because advent of birthcontrol Sex is not just for procreation can be for fun and good health.One may find folies in sex among unmarried people and extra promiscuity for social and pscychological reasons.Value of sex between couples in commited relationship is encouraged and even celebrated .

Let us see the procreation in grapes .They have used mostly cloning and starting from a branch as the method for creating new wineyards.It only means that the reproduction has been assigned to a method where genes of father and mother plant are comixed and a genetic mixer of the two is created which carries the quality of both parents. Lacking this reinvention of the more vibrant genepool, scintist fear the problems in grapes similar to the ones they have observed in Humans when interbreeding between cousins happen and they have tried to avoid this in the genepool of the lions .

This Author(Nicholas Wade)is alarming the community of this abberation in the genepool of the grapes.Some of the wine growers may say they have the best grapes for wine (superstars or champions) and so they are just making copies of them to maintain highest standards of wine.Here is even in animal kingdom we mate the best horses with variet of mares so we may hve even more valuable horses.In case of grapes we have choosen amethod closer to cloning by grafting.

Sex and lack of it even in Grapes make an interesting story.

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