Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bird bath heaters

It is an important subject.Many things we become aware of by hearing from people with better knowledge and mindful living.One of such person I get inspiration from is Dr John Halamka CIO of Harvard medical school and many other institutions.He is very involved with EMR and meaningful use mandate for the federal rules.

He is a vegan,Emergency room Physician and outdoors man ,environmentalist who believes in living light and improve quality of human existence.He mentioned in his blog that he puts out bird food in his yard and has a heated birdbath which makes water available for drinking for the birds.He has written about the birds attracted to his yard because of all these goodies.He has mentioned that he had seen a cardinal taking bath in his heated bird bath(for temperatures under 30 degrees bird baths are useless unless heated to keep water in liquid state .

I searched on web for heaters and found some available for under 20 dollars 45 watts capacity.I imagine they should be adequate for a moderate winter. If one has a heated bird bath in winter birds may visit such places rather than fly to far away unfrozen lakes or water dripping from melting snow.

In his blog he has a picture of a hawk perched on a tree in his yard.As he is a vegan he mentions that as cardinals were attracted to his yard he has also seen a hawk devour a cardinal.I guess such is the nature.Vegan or not one can not change nature.

Only Humans get to choose to become vegan,ego vegetarian,chicken eaters or meat potato(steak) people.Other than religious reasons many of us choosing to be vegetarians of various degrees.Thanks to human development .Even 50 years ago it was very difficult for Eskimos and Tibetans to be vegetarians.they would have to survive on Yak Milk or caribou milk for nutrition.


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