Sunday, January 30, 2011

30 hours at the Chabad House. a play

30 hours at Chabad house in Mumbai

1.Scene at the house with rabbi his wife and son and made and the house guests
General picture of it beginning and arrival of this couple and their child birth.
2.Let people arrive in Mumbai and after killing so many peole arrive at the house.
3. how they empower the house and take hostages
4.dialogue s between rabbi and master minds and conversations to karachi and the masters
5.attempt by Rabbi to negotiate
6. Disappearance by the maid.her words and reasoning.
7.shooting and arrival of the commandos
8 final shoot out
9.hope and rebirth and conflict anew.

45 pages of script
main characters
Sanskrit hyms
Hebrew Hyms
arabic Hyms
Allah hu akbar ( connected with death)
allah hu akbar ( connected with survival)
Ram Ram ( peaceful name of god)
Start as a 20 minuites of play as first incarnation
Any blacks american or african during this carnage

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