Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sabrina's Stay at Military guest house in India. 'THEEK HEY'

My daughter Sabrina while in India for January this year had an opportunity to stay in Military Officers Guest house .She was sharing the room with her 16 years old cousin.
To make her stay more exciting(my assumption)my cousins who are ex military officers in India told her that Foreigners are not allowed to stay in Military rest house.She was told to pass as an Indian.She figured no problem and decided to use Theek Hey (it is OK ) as answer to most questions.In the morning a military attendant came in at 8:30 with bed tea for them.Bed tea is tradition in many homes first thing in the morning.Her cousin was sleeping.Attendant asked in Hindi if she would like tea every hour. Sabrina not understanding what he was asking shyly nodded her head and said Theek Hey.

This uniformed attendant(military recruit) came every hour with military punctuality with a pot of tea.Annoying the cousin as no body wanted the tea.They only wanted to be left alone .When cousin got annoyed with the attendant and said why are you bothering us and bringing us tea every hour ,he simply said the other lady had ordered the tea.She had hard time convincing him that it was all a mistake.

They all had lots of laughs when ever they heard her say Theek Hey.

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