Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Libya and Qaddafi.No tears shed !!

When Qadaffi took power world thought that there was this young man who may develop this country with the oil wealth of his nation.

No such luck he became entrenched and like all other totalitarian kings,monarchs and other hoodlums(including Castro brothers and Hugo.These leaders had promised people more power and delivered little.No body can say that Castro has not run out of usefulness .Time is coming fast the royal families with unlimited power and private wealth in the middle east will be history and democracy though slow at times in delivering goods and services(in comparison to Communist China)is still a preferred mode for human satisfaction.China with changing face of leadership is at least gives a hope that may be policy will also change with new leader as it did Deng Chou.

Qaddafi has made the national wealth his private wealth and west has gone along with it.Now by supporting ordinary citizens if we can bring public good to this nation world be much better of.

As a policy we can not afford to support dictators even if our interests align . Time has come we can not support military dictatorships even when they have faces of democracy like in Pakistan.Minority rights are very important principal for our nation.

PS, reading some other blogs i was reminded how Qadaffi had a penchant for funding assorted idea makers and influence peddlers arround the world.He bought the nuclear technology from the greatest merchant MR A.Q.KHAN of Pakistan.Most famous Cricket grounds are called Qadaffi stadium in Lahore.It is said that he offered unlimited oil to INdira Gandhifor the Nuclear Technology.He gave bags of cash to many reporters,publishers and pundits arround the world.Qadaffi and Saddam Husain were well known to fund many islamic leaders .If I am not mistaken Jessie Jackson and Farrakhan were the beneficiaries.

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