Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wiki Leaks Hindu and USA Visa.

The Hindu a left leaning Indian paper of great reputation is conduit for wetting and publishing leaked cables .They really throw a light on the understanding of US diplomats in INDIA.
Mr Narendra Modi a very Charismatic leader who is Chief Minister of Gujarat was denied Visa for United states a few years ago.Gujarat has progressed beyond any expectations of people under his leadership.He has been the vehicle for delivering goods and services to the people .According to the analysis of the diplomat in Mumbai he is incorruptible.for any leader to be labeled so is a badge of honor.It also shows the honest analysis by the diplomat of the character of this leader.

Many time undeserving people have gotten not just tourist visa for USA but have even gotten immigration.Denying a tourist Visa to a leader of national status on some flimsy grounds does disservice to our American value of Fair Play.I have read at times members of terrorist sympathising organizations have gotten visa to USA and they have collected funds in USA to do us harm.

In Mr Modi's case State department could have kept eye on his activity and would have understood who are his sympathisers and recieved a better insight into the political mind of this leader .I think they have only annoyed him and his sympathisers in the process.With a large number of Gujrati's in USA it is important that state department be aware of the political dynamics of the community.Wiki leaks cables confirm the view that he is a man of high moral character and state department should not listen to some left wing ( may be of congress party) adviser about the alleged character of leaders .If we do so we not only hurt the good peole but we hurt our own interest as it gets hijacked by these villans.It would be prudent if state department developed variety of sources with broader understading of the host countries.

India with its trade and population and geo positioning requires a better understanding for the improved relations.

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