Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Violence against religious minorities continues in Pakistan.

Sad sad day in Pakistan!!

Today minority affairs minister Shahbaz Bhatti was gunned down in cold blood in targeted killing in the Capital city of Islamabad.

Mr Bhatti was threatened and felt that he was target of the Pakistani Tehrike Taliban group.This has happened only 54 days after Mr Salman Taseer governor of Panjab was gunned down by his body guard for asking to repeal the bad blasphemy laws a sad memory of Zia ul Haq's rule.

Sadly the killer of Taseer A fundamentalist named Kadir was garlanded by lawyers when presented to the court in violation of any professional courtesy or human dignity.President Zardari did not even attend the the Funeral of Mr Taseer sending signal that he was afraid of the militarist Islamic groups in Pakistan who had declared a war on any group who wanted to repeal Blasphemy laws as they are a way to victimise the minorities in Pakistan.This all had started when a christian was charged by Blasphemy laws in her village and was sentenced to death on trumped up charges of Blasphemy. All the voices of reason That is Taseer and now Bhatti are being silenced one by one.Last remaining Sikhs are moving out and have to pay special tax(Jazia) even for minimal peace to Taliban.

By keeping Blasphemy laws which are a tool for Jihadi and extremist religious parties life for minorities is being made totally unbearable and mockery of freedom of conscience is being made.Silence on the part of leadership is deafening.Mr Bhatti was the only non Muslim member of the federal cabinet.

Sherry Rehman former information minister who at times had talked about repealing the blasphemy law has been a target of Killing .Hope she gets additional security in light of these murders.

Pakistani Government is responsible for not providing adequate security to Mr Bhatti and in the process for his death.

Case against Mr Kadir must be prosecuted to the fullest extant of the law.

Sadly many of the Leadders of religious parties protesting against repeal of Blasphemy laws live in England and visit USA on regular basis.The status of these so called leaders should be challenged and if they are against the american or British law their priviledges in these coultries should be curtailed.

Maulana Fazalur Rehman (2L) chief of the Pakistani religious party Jamiat Ulema Islam (JUI) addresses the crowd during a rally in Karachi on January 9, 2011, against the amendment of the Blasphemy law. More than 50,000 people rallied in Pakistan's southern city of Karachi, police said, against the controversial reform of a blasphemy law that was behind the killing of a senior politician

Altaf Hussain a leader of MQM addresed to his followers from England that their was no need to protest as government has changed its mind about repealing Blasphemy law.

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