Monday, April 11, 2011

Anna Hazare and the Lok pal Bill

Concept of Lokpal is unique.It is a watch dog with staff who has authority to expedite public grievances It is like ombudsman who is there to serve in political sense the nations agenda.balance the powers between govt and people.The purpose of the position is to expedite and check the abuse claims by people.

It is very commendable on the part of Mr Anna Hazare to bring to people attention need of expedited authority to check power and abuse by the government. Government has given in and ten members of committee Will be formed to create this legislation. five will be from the Govt and five from the civil society. There are some outstanding civil society leaders in this group including Mr Hazare. sadly process has not been as well thought out as it could be.There has not been any room for opposition party viewpoint.

A selection process for the committee should be inclusive and democratic. In legal system problem is slow justice. India must pass law so all cases are adjudicated in first stage with in a year.If not they are dropped .Fictitious cases should have high penalties for the culprits.Laws about cronyism and nepotism should be strengthened. In this case Mr Hazare has appointed a father and son team on the committee.I can not believe he could not find another competent Indian.

For this committee to work well process should be made so that Govt appoints five non serving members(so they may spend the time needed to develop the program)LOk pal may not be limited to Judiciary as their record is not blameless and we should have citizen wisdom.Mr Hazare can appoint may be 4 people on committee and five people should be appointed by opposition. That will create an environment of fairness to develop the bill.Their should be time limit to create and pass the bill.

Lok pal should have the power to investigate all elected or appointed officials .In case lok pal is convinced of wrong doing by the PM or other ministers case can be refereed to a supreme court panel for adjudication. State lok pals should be appointed so that people feel empowered against the abuse by the government. They have worked well in the states they have been involved.

Other than justice and graft India is facing issues with providing nutrition to the poor,power concentration in the hand of few connected and related one.Large business houses have also very high concentration of wealth . Hope they continue to practice the old ethos of caretakers rather than owners of the wealth. As a nation India Will have to carefully nurture the poor and weak.Unique Id will provide significance help in ending some of the inequities.

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