Monday, April 11, 2011

Sad state of border prisoners in India and Pakistan

WE have been reading stories of prisoners from India and Pakistan spending years after serving sentences for the crimes they may have not even committed.One prisoner was releases from Pakistan on Plea of Supreme court Of India a few months ahead of scheduled release date by Zardari president of Pakistan.He spent more than twenty years.
India released several prisoners who had spent more time in prison than they were punished by courts.Their was no mechanism to repatriate them.
One woman had overstayed her stay while visiting her mother and was sent to jail for sixteen months.These are cases which show's signs of not caring system.Many prisoners had said that they were not given wages for the work they did in prison. Very shameful act.It should be investigated.

This recent effort to repatriate the prisoners is a good start . For real criminals a system can be created where convicts can serve in their home country and save the extra fear created by serving sentences in hostile country.

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