Monday, April 4, 2011

About Quran Burning and mutual respect.

Mutual respect requires that we hold others holy and revered relics in high esteem and do not denigrate them.In this tradition all children are taught they should always when s hold flags high fold them properly,protect them from dirt and damage.All children are also told to respect all elders and symbols of other faiths.This respect is mutual and by mutual respect we create harmony in our society.

It is the worst kind of violence when religious symbols are destroyed and not proper respect is given to others symbols and sanctified materials.It is common in Saudi Arabia to confiscate religious materials of the visitors and summarily discard them .Mohammad himself has known to have destroyed deities in Mecca.This was one of the occasions where he was able to prove to his followers that he was more powerful than the Pagan gods.One of the ideals of Islam is to follow Mohammad lead in lifestyle. Ironically many Muslims have taken it to mean to destroy even the places of worship of other faiths.

Sadly it has been reason for destruction of Mosques of other Muslim sects. Shia,and Ahmadi Mosques have been destroyed In Pakistan By Sunny majority in name of Islam. Even the secular places of Sufi shrines have not been left alone.Non tolerance of Taliban had destroyed Bagram Buddha's which wer there not only before Mohammad but even Christ of Nazareth.

Many Christians, Hindu's and Sikhs have been victim of Islamic hegemony in Pakistan and other countries where religious fanaticism is abundant .Now in order to protest burning of Quran by a US preacher (which is not prohibited in US LAW)Actually if somebody wanted to burn bible or other symbol of reverence would also be legally protected.They took the revenge on weak serving members of United Nations in Afghanistan.Killing many innocent people .

In my view Mr Karzai who has lived and worked in US is guilty of Inciting this violence by promoting this act which was not on American news.He knows that US government could not do anything about it other than criticise this act.

I would have forgiven any other person of ignorance not this leader and American Ally Karzai.

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