Monday, April 4, 2011

This sexy ,reserved stranger sitting a seat over next to me

We went to attend a lecture by Ed Albee at Roger Williams university in Bristol RI. Oh this has been an occasion we were to relive .We reminisced the time he had welcomed us in his loft in New york.He was a wonderful host .I did not know how important a play right he was .i had never read his plays and had heard of who is afraid of Virginia wolf. I had not known neither Virginia wolf or Albee.

He told story of his childhood and this time did not mention that he was bought for the amount his parents paid to adopt him.It seemed to have left an impression on him.He was not impressed by their bourgeoisie life style . At eighteen he was told that he did not belong to his family and asked to leave and never come back.Albee did not feel any loss only fulfilment of a desire.

Albee is not the reason for this post.This post is for that sexy stranger sitting a seat over next to me .It is important that she was sitting next to me yet was siting a seat over .Sadly the hall did not become overfilled to force her to move right next to me.She had a all knowing female smile .She might have been around 50, more or less. Dressed in black two inch heels a black silk cardigan with some maroon design. She was smiling a smile of satisfaction. On other side Subhash was sitting next to me with his I phone and picture of Him and Albee in his loft some 18 years ago when he thought that he may do PhD on Albee's plays.Albee is like god of American play rights .With three Pulitzer prizes .Highest number of Pulitzer any body has recieved.I liked when he said that he is a writer and he thought of himself as writer.He wrote poems,novels,short stories and essays and found that he was not much good .Till he wrote his first play.He believed it met his standard for being well written .Which was sent by some of his friends to some professors and ended up in hands of a America professor in Germany who liked it who sent to his friend who like it and translated into German and was to be performed in Berlin .His unpublished play without his knowledge was being translated into German language with verb at the end like Sanskrit and Hindi.

He was working at 38 dollars a week at Western Union to deliver the Telegrams in New York which he loved for the chances it gave him to interact with other artists who were starving artists in real sense.Happy and challenged and without class distinction.May be because they were all poor. He ended up quitting his job and borough enough money to go to Berlin for the premier of his first play.He seemed to relish the end of play in German OH mir Got better than oh my god oh my god.

I was curious about this woman who was alone was she saving the seat for somebody.I guess not.A couple moved on the other side of her leaving a space between them .May be her demeanor said that leave the space.I asked her was she a teacher ,she said no she lives in the town near by Jamestown.Over the bridge may be two bridges.When i told her Subhash was a school administrator she asked where and i asked Subhash and his answer of west Warwick elicited the comment that is far away for RI. How true.She asked me if i was a writer and my answer that pretender made her wonder was i or was i just trying to hide my great writing prowess from the stranger .She also asked if i was a teacher at university ,negative and for job again negative.How much likely it is that a person without job and pretending to be writer would come to listen Albee on Sunday evening . I bet every body there was either a student of Roger Williams University,alumni,faculty , benefactor or an avid listener of NPR.They had announced this free open to public event of Roger Williams university .They all seem to have wanted to see this octogenarian who never finished college and was bought by parents for very small amount of money.This gay writer wrote about edgy issues in his youth . I wonder if his works will entitle him to a Nobel prize .I do not know.He can be interesting an author (play right) if Pulitzer committee has to be believed in its judgement.

Then again No body asked about Elizabeth Taylor . Oh and that lady .During the lecture I looked at her often trying to catch a glimpse she never looked at me ,but had that knowing smile that at the end you are looking at me and thank you.I noticed that she did not have a wedding band .i tried to show my hands without a ring. If asked i would have said that i was married . Was it all flirting or just my mind playing mental games with itself ,I would never Know.

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