Friday, April 15, 2011

Something about compensation to Victims of Nuclear radiation

Japan does things differently than the rest .It seems like better way.The power company decided to pay 10000 dollars per couple and 8000 dollars an individual.
It is not a lot of money but egalitarian way that they will distribute funds to all without discrimination and heavy duty accounting is really admirable.

It may be not a lot for the people who had to leave everything.It is still more than a poor person could expect.

Many times litigation solutions are not the best one.A society which is more or less litigation oriented can not get the best benefits of the procedures created.Most case involving injustice do not get litigated for lack of funds and energies.Many times in cases involving large sums the attorney fees become as if they were wronged party.It is sad that attorneys representing victims made something on the order of 70 million(rough memory) dollars against victims like 200 million dollars.That is more than one third of the victims got who lost their life in the process.

IN Japan it seems so far no cases have been filed .In Bhopal case in India the American attorneys in the case brought higher value than the Indian system would have provide.In the end it did not serve them well as the site was never cleaned and the union Carbide was allowed to be acquired.With new company having little financial impact.Sadly the victims of the largest Industrial tragedy did not get justice or satisfaction from this tragedy.Society is poorer for the experience.

Our experience wit New Orleans hurricane has been not much better .the government failed to protect the citizens .Buses and people drowned in the total mismanagement of a mediocre tragedy.

A world wide equitable system should be created for relief where bandages and water does not cost a years salary of natives.

All relief should be locally run and direct payment may be best investment. Afghanistan model of war (one million for a soldier a year) is not practical.Pay to Taliban and other gangsters in bags of money is shameful also.No money should be paid to Afghan government by any parties in bags.

It does more harm to all we stand for.

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