Friday, April 15, 2011

Gao Hui, my chinese friend

To tell you the truth I have been chatting with people from arround the world as a stranger in chat on a site called Omegle.
It is a nice site if you want to pretend .It may be hook up site for the young people.Most of the people on it are 15 to 22 years old.Many of them are looking for sex chat.So many are looking to improve their english which is very nice for people who are not native english speaking.Many people from India are their .I met a young girl from China her name is Gao Hui.her friends call her Hui Hui.I as pretending i was 23 year old American. yes White. You maywonder why. that is the first barrier in anonymous chat.
ASL age sex and location .it is mostly expected that people normally talk to opposite sex people other than gays and lesbians.I will write other tim about the chat i had with a texas girl 23 who said that she was bi.I was pretending to be 23 f from India. she tried to convince me to send her my picture and how i could a 61 year old m and indian was afun somewhat rauchy conversation probably only rated R.May be I will publish a book with all these conversations
and call it mengle.

Ok Gao Hui in chinese means Wise and chaste. she was smart and kept her moral bearing. She was confident of self .She did not have a religion but believed in soe power like god .That was reaasuring .It was not Budhism.she had heard of confucious. her mom was acollege teacher.This girl wanted to be a biology scientist. She would be nice friend to have .I tried to move the conversation towards sexual topics she was able to manipulate the conversation well. her spelling and language was very good.
she even gave me a e-mail address what i could write her I am a 61 one year old mail .Not nice to shatter good thoughts of a young person.I asked her what she admired about america her answer was very charming "freedom".

Oh wise and chaste Gao Hui my salutations to you.

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