Friday, May 13, 2011

The Slogan CHANGE made famous by success of Obama is working in Begal as PARIBORTAN.

After almost a lifetime state of Bengal under the Leadership of this fearless and dedicated leader a single woman MAMATA Banerjee whom everybody calls Didi ( sister)has taken the power from long entrenched communist rule by the ballot box.

Many of the Stalwarts of the politics thought that communists having ruled the state for over 30 years were so entrenched to be removed.They have at times sided with China against the national interests of India.By fighting against the police and creating law and order situation in tribal regions they had alienated ordinary Bengal.Bengal was feeling left behind in the progress of India into a technology center of world.Every body felt condition of Bengal had become worst since the British moved the Capital form Kolkotta to New Delhi.

Congratulations to Mamata Ji.Your fearlessness  has shown how this middle aged woman could make a difference in the lives of terrorist prone state like Bengal.She is new hope for terrorism wrecked states of norh east India.She may be  the  new face of nation building even when foreign  supported terorists are bent on playing havock with peoples lives.

It seems industry is welcoming her victory with congress in the state.It is great that it is also a proof of  maturing democracy in India.Even the  leftist (Maoist) terrorist gave to the will of people and state will be governed by the party lead by Mamata Ji. She is no nonsense leader.Who is the Railway Minister of Govt of India .A ministry with largest number of employees  for any organization in the world.

She has played with most powerful men of India and shown that a woman of resolve can beat all odds against her in democratic India.

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