Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Kudratduttachaudhary.blogspot.com on response to her blog on Model UN

Bush here said...
Hi Kudrat, i had to search for MUN and found out it is mock united nations.Not bad for the opportunity to attend a youth mock UN.Look the experience to meet and greet the people from many places .It is a process and as UN charter they can not interfere in internal affairs of a country.Many of the dictators have used it to abuse their people.In china,s cultural revolutions 20 million died ,Many have died in Darfur,Ethiopia,Sudan and other places of the world.Gulags of soviet Union were well known.In spite of all members having signed universal human rights charter writers and signers of charter 8 of china have gone to jail for long time.Shamelessly china has put its Nobel peace prize winner in Jail.

When i left India in 1970 China India Mexico korea were poor countries. Today Korea is a financial and industrial powerhouse.Mexico has a large GDP and India and china on the path of progress.China has removed extreme poverty and has 3 times the per person income of India.

China has developed it by using the state capitalism model and by exploiting the weaknesses of the free enterprise system.It has kept its citizens under ideological straight jacket.China has used its economical power to build infrastructure and now military power.
America is great not for its wealth but wealth of ideas .world is looking at the challenge of development models based on Chinese model or Indian MODEL Which is late to the party.It has finally started getting rid of the shackles of colonial rule(System).Again youth of India are unafraid and strong.

If only we could focus on the education of all and nourishment of all.I am putting a great faith in Adhar (Unique ID) being developed and implemented.Hopefully human development will take the priority of the order of defense.

Dont be discouraged .United nations have not been able to help avoid internal conflicts.It has provided an opportunity for great number of people to meet in neutral setting .Yes security council is not a democratic institution.Look at it as a world forum for ideas more like a university think tank.
Could you improve on its charter.And convince Saudi Arabia,China, Japan,India and USA join in.

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