Sunday, August 19, 2012

Central Government has lost it powers when people of Assam are leaving in large numbers from national centers.

India has lost its face and respec for the national authority when lives of Assamese people is in danger in business and education centers of India.

I have been told for decades by Assamese people how very large number of Bangladeshi Muslims have settled in Assam.Congress party and its allies for the vote bank politics have ignored this illegal migration into Assam. Tensions between natives of Assam and these Bangla speaking immigrants some of them ahve become militants and threatenedthe native people who have lived in this area for times immemorial.This crisis started when some locals beat some bengladeshi youth.In revenge three Assamese leaders were brutally murdered  and now hundreds of thousands of people are in refugee camps.

This problem has been exagerated by making it muslims against natives .In many other states of india where people from all the different parts of India live and work in harmony Assamese have been threatened and out have fear have started moving back to Assam causing lot of heart ache in Paople who belong to india and and look for moderation in developing countries.It is shame that Hindus pandits left Kashmir under threat from terrorists.Now Assames are leaving business centers of the country under fear.Unless Govt takes outstanding confidence building measures this situation can get out of hand.

Law and Ordeer can not be left at the whim of one or the other group.Death of two police men in Mumbaiat the hands of muslim mob can  not be ignored .Such hooglism can not be tolerated .Tensions are high in pakistan between Hindu minority and on the live TV conversion of a hindu has made Hidus even more insecure.
Hindu Girls as young as 14 have been kidnapped and married off to older men and converted to muslims .Marriage of young minor Girls against the wishes of family and conversion to Islam has made it even more dangerous for Hindus to live in Pakistan.The population of Hindus fron 22 percent to 2 percent has been a sad example of religous cleansing.Pakistans blasphemy laws have made life miserable for many thinking people.

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