Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Let me handle this question head on

1. Most Americans feel that Islamic terrorists attacked USA on 9/11without any opposition from ordinary Muslims.This may be because of fear or lack of descent in Islamic societies.As many of the Muslim countries do not have a developed democratic systems.In most of these countries they have declared themselves as Islamic states and according to Sharia system has made minorities as second class citizens.More Mosques ,temples and Dargahs(Sufi shrines) have been destroyed by these protectors of Islam in order to protect  Islam.

2.Saudi Arabia .Which claim to be protectors of Islam has a absolute monarchy.It is home to  Mecca and Medina holiest sites in Islam.A place of Hajj which is a requirement for all able Muslims.They have funded terror schools in Pakistan and other places in name of religious education of the poor.They have funded opening of Mosques all around the world including USA.Have very close military and economic ties with West but has not allowed to open even a Single  temple,Church or a place of worship in the country even when expatriates have been responsible for its development.Routinely Saudi authorities confiscate and destroy religious icons and literature from the visitors or workers living  and working in Saudi Arabia.USA the most powerful of the western countries has not put pressure on Saudi Arabia  to honor the individuals  religious beliefs and teach tolerance to its citizens.It is  a very high time that highest Authorities in Islam declare that It is not proper to kill any Kafir( non believer) in spite of such a saying in Quran.It is also high time that they treated women as equal to men and to start with let them drive and travel without male guardian or chaperon.

3.In many Islamic countries Apostasy is a crime punishable by death and many people are killed for it  falsely.Rights of conscience are not honored if a Muslim converts to other faith he/she is always under threat of death  as per the dictate of Sharia.Just last week in Pakistan a poor Hindu boy was converted to Islam on TV just for the TV ratings.Christians are regularly killed for proselytising Muslims as it is against the law.Killer of a secular Muslim Governor of Punjab  who had a mother who was a christian was mercilessly gunned by one of his bodyguards.He was not even fired upon by his other guards and when brought to court was celebrated by Lawyers with rose petals.Please tell me what is worthy in this picture.

4.Finally i know most of the Muslims are moderate and logical in America.It is about time that they stand for the universal American/human values with rest of us .First step can be to criticise the muslims when they abuse minorities and stand in solidariy with all so they may remove world wide human degradation and discrimination on basis of sex ,religion,origin,place of birth.

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