Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It is very nice that Mr Vecchione and Lifespan are helping to heal RI economy.I am pretty sure that he did not create the headline for the opinion at the same time he must be pleased with it.
Arguments he makes for the protection of the teaching hospitals against for profit and community hospitals have validity to a point.In reality it is in the public interest that community hospitals flourish and private hospitals instead of just skimming the lucrative part of the health care dollars help us reduce cost of health care by providing better competition and business practices.

It is important that our hospital enterprises and in particular teaching hospitals keep their eyes on the mission, which if properly defined will be to improve well being of public (health),educating the public as well as professionals in health care to serve them well.Keeping the health care affordable for all.May be if not least keep the cost of health care no higher than the other  societies which provide very high level of medical care at reasonable cost.

Mr Vecchione has forgotten to mention one of the largest payers of health care dollars which is ordinary citizens. she pays for it with insurance co-payments ,medicare ,medicaid,retiree benefits and veterans as well as government employee benefits.With high unemployment and aging population Majority of the health care dollars are spent by the public sector which all of us pay (including Mr Vecchione)His organization and associates (ha ha) get majority of these dollars.
cutting budgets is Bitch.That is the problem Capital city is having.Mayor is trying to tackle the issues head on.Would you promise to help the city by paying salary and bonuses of your top 5 employees as as payment to city in lieu of taxes,it will go long  way to create good will and remove impression that big honchos are benefiting as leaders of non profits from public funds.In anycase  city will benefit if bigshots have a windfall .I think it is not too much to ask.Leaders of non profits should have a salary ceiling at the Salary of the POTUS.President of the United states.

Let me talk about the charity and uncompensated care you provide.You list it at 165 million dollars .That is a care of 165 dollars per citizen.quite generous.How did you calculate this .Is this the ammount you would have billed us or the amount medicare would have  covered if it was covered.Is it the amount you write off which poor Rhode Islanders are unable to pay after your bill collectors are done with them.A short note on that info would be welcome.When would you stop keeping two sets of books and billings .I have still to see a bill which said 100 dollars billed ,20 dollars copay and balance 80 dollars paid and aceepted balance zero.

Please see how you can contribute with man hours with your knowlege people to our schools and universities .Give us support for job creation and training instead of other who complain that they can not hire qualified people.

I wish you great success as your success is our success.

While i am at it let me ask you why it costs 600 dollars  to get a tatnus in hospital emergency room .Why you can not put a low cost clinic for all walk ins and charge 60 dollars.

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