Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PANKAJ UDHAS at Park theatre in Cranston RI.

Past Saturday we were seranaded by Master and popular singer  Pankaj Udhas .HE was accompnied by six of the finest musicians. His Tabla player was mr ... and was really a master ful performer which enthrallled the public.The mendolin player was also superb. Pankaj gave prominence to all these accompnying artists .this made it possible for paople who did not understand the lyrics to enjoy the performance.
The hall is a beautiful rehabbed old cinema hall and its owner piyush patel has done excellent job. This was the first Indian performance in the park  theater .It was an outstanding beginning of this new tradition .Around 400 people attended the event.Indian Food was catered by SAnjiv Dhar of Kabob and Curry.
Park theater has outstanding bars  and you can bring food and drinks into the theater.That was appreciated by patrons while enjoying his songa bout alcohol.saying if  alcohol is expensive drink a little.In this case some young people drank a lot had their partners drive them.

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