Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pak Hindus do not want to return .

Pak Hindus in Paldi Meena don't want to return There are six Rajput families, all residents of Umerkot in Pakistan, who had arrived here on a pilgrimage. Their visiting visa was between January and May 2013 but they refused to return due to a string of atrocities committed on Hindu community in the Islamic republic. They are now seeking asylum in Rajasthan and citizenship of the country where they also have their roots. However, the state government has not responded to it saying the issue has to be dealt by Union home and external affairs ministries. In fact, these refugees face a double whammy. In Pakistan, they are subjected to exploitation because of their religion (Hindu). In India, the government is taking steps cautiously as they are Pakistanis. "I have done my diploma in civil engineering but failed to find a job. At most of the places Islamic religious leaders have passed decrees (fatwas) to consider Muslims first for jobs," said Dilraj, a refugee. All the males among them have good literacy level. They all have studied up to Class XII and a few of them even have M Sc degree. The only fear they have is about their relatives who were left in Pakistan. They are hoping that they will also come some day. All the 23 refugees have been living in Paldi Meena town as their relatives also live in the same vicinity. They are living in four rooms of 10X10 with one ceiling fan and bed each. Food is being arranged from Amrapur (spiritual seat of Sindhis) in Jaipur. The first thing they decided is to change the attire and learn and write Hindi. In fact, none of families have regret of losing their traditional houses, land, bullocks and other assets. Here the government cannot ignore us as India is our grandmother and this is the only place where we can preach and practice our religion and culture without any fear, they said. Ever since the Pervez Musharraf regime has gone, the situation worsened with phenomenal rise in sectarian riots between Shias and Sunnis and attacks on Ahmediya Muslims and Christians. Taneraj Singh recalled how their forefathers failed to migrate to India by matter of a week during Partition. "They were under the impression that being Rajput, the Muslims will not cause any harm and Partition is a temporary arrangement lasting for few months followed by united India," said Taneraj.

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