Tuesday, June 18, 2013

India is ending Telegram,I used it very efficiently year ago.

Indian post office will end Telegrams in a short time.They were one efficient and inexpensive way of fast communication for over hundred years.Their was even a code to save letters to be sent in morse code. I wasin Gauwhati and wanted to visit my friend in Bhilwara Rajasthan. I Could not get his telephone number from the directory assistance.Any alternate mode of communication was through the carrier service which would cost 1000 rs and would take three days,While i was wondering about the solution of the problem,idea of a telegram flashed in my mind. i went with my host BUBU to post office and sent the simple message .Shamu want to visit you call me at my cell number.And gave my cell number.The address Shyam Sundar Rajani Sindhu Nagar, Bhilwara Rajasthan. I guess the post office in bhilwara new that Shyam sunder rajaniwas now living with his childrenin shastri nagarBhilwara nad they contacted him on phone and conveyed the message in less than one hour as i had a call from him on reaching my hosts residence.Now how does any electronic messaging service would have delivered this message and connected lost friends. I was told that the message was probably was sent by e mail to the post office in Bhilwara and then the very efficient postal workers made i sure by telephone the messqage reached the addressee. this super hybrid system did wonders for my message and put  me in touch with my friend in hour at 100 rs.I am saddened to note that in future no friends or lovers will have this inexpensive way of putting loved ones together.I hope post office may continue to play important role it has played .I hope it may deliver the banking services for wages and benefits to the far flung places of India. I am saddened by end of this service i hope email may continue to be delivered through post office for those who are not connected to web or dont want to be.

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