Thursday, October 22, 2015

F16 and lifetime cost of operation

Pakistan has 70 F16 in its arsenal and is getting another 9 from usa. letus say they get them all for free.cost to operate them is 25000 dollars per hour.With life of 8000 flying hours it will cost 8000X25000 dollars during lifetime.That is 200 million operating cost.Operating cost for 90x200 is 18000million dollars.which is 18 billion dollars.That is very high cost for countries like Pakistan or even India to bear on sustained basis. Fancy weapon systems drove former Soviet Union and was the cause of its disintegration.Moderation even in defense expenditure might be prudent policy for developing countries.Once a country becomes developed it may be more able to afford expensive defense technologies.It has helped Japan and Germany develop economically while USA has paid substantial portion of their defense.Some of the manufacturing developments have dual use which can help technology of a country.

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