Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Congratulations Space x for success of reusable rocket

Congratulations  Space x and  Elon Musk for launch and return of the first phase of the rocket which also sent two tons of materials into orbit(satelites).

Beautiful time lapse photo showing launch and landing in the same frame. Falcon is the name of this rocket.
In coming years  we will learn if extra weight for developing this technology will have net cost benefits to the space travel.There may be benefits we will get in the ways we are unable to imagine at this time.For sure it is a large achievement  for the development of rocketry.If i am not mistaken rocketry started 2500 years ago.
As a child in India I was fascinated by Russian and  American   space  race.In early sixties i built a rocket with My friend Late Shyam Sunder Rajani. We studied explosives for rocket fuel. We  also read  Jules Verne  fiction to find some magic of space travel & science fiction for sure.

In arrogance of youth i had predicted that my rocket  would reach space in 25 years or i will be paying a bet of several thousand dollars(lacks of rupees) It did not happen and that kid was forgiven the bet.It is similar time in space exploration and even an old idealist of past  at 66 can get excited about the space .Thanks Elon Musk for letting people dream that great things Humans can achieve.

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