Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Xmas and public spaces.

Merry X-mas

It is festive time of the year.Many festivals  fall at this time of the year.
Some Muslims are wondering if wishing Merry Christmas is Shirk.They argue that as Christians believe that Jesus was begotten son of god wishing merry Christmas is accepting him as parallel god which is blasphemous. As celebrated in America Christmas is a shopping, gift giving and feasting fest.Only a few celebrate as truly religious way and even fewer use it to serve humanity on this holy occasion.Some Jews and Hindus work in hospitals so their christian co workers may enjoy some of the festivities.
It is on my mind .It is very sensitive time for immigrants to USA.Because of raised fears of islamic terrorists it is important that mu slims in the community be sensitive to sentiments of the public at large,I see sometimes  Muslims praying in public spaces  and insisting that as citizens they have the right to do so,For this reason France has passed the laws that no signs of faith be displayed in public spaces.Turkey has traditionally prohibited its women to wear hijab in universities and official capacities,Turkey is Muslim country.

Keeping the sensitivities of most AMericans in mind i would ask my muslim brothers to pray in private and if their women who want to wear burka do so in private and not make people fearful of other .Showing of face is norm in west and covering is inciting fear..Most Muslim men do not wear native grooming and clothing for financial acceptance in the society.They still insist that many of their women wear hijab and Niqab and burqa.It shows lower status of women in islamic society.

To make minor adjustments to live in great society which is USA is least of the sacrifices America asks of its new citizens.
I am surprized at the criticism of USA by Saudi prince while they do not allow single temple,Church or synogog in their country.USA has 2016 mosques as 2010.Many of these mosques were built with Saudi help[.

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